The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Textile Manufacturing

The textile manufacturing landscape, both in India and abroad, is changing rapidly. We are in the midst of a digital transformation, while several technological innovations have (or are likely to) disrupt this sector. With the demand for ‘fine’ fibres escalating, spinning mills from across the world are integrating these new & innovative solutions, to make their operational processes more agile, productive, efficient, and qualitatively superior. From OEMs to manufacturers of spinning cans and their accessories, all stakeholders are doing their bit to make textile production progressively smarter.

Rise of Smart Fabrics
Technologies like radio-frequency identification (or, RFID) and near-field communication (NFC) are enabling textile manufacturers to produce so-called ‘smart fabrics’. These products typically have micro-chip computing devices and/or nanotechnology in them – and come with powerful heat regulation, adaptability to environmental fluctuations, and other characteristics. Going forward, the demand for smart fabrics will keep rising.

More Reliance On Artificial Intelligence For Better Customization
The importance of quality control and customization is paramount for the textile industry in general, and spinning mills in particular. This is precisely where AI-powered technologies, computer vision, and related innovations are proving to be of assistance. Right from detecting quality glitches & defects, to ensuring optimal resource utilization and shortening product turnaround times, AI algorithms are driving the textile sector.

IIoT-enabled Sliver Management For Last-Minute Traceability
Digitalization is changing the game for the textile industry worldwide. With mills trying to upgrade themselves to Industry 4.0 standards, the demand for solutions powered by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is rising sharply, with the Ji+ Spinning Cans developed by Jumac,leading spinning cans manufacturer in India, also coming into the mix. With data-driven automation and centralised control, IIoT-enabled sliver handling does away with yarn mixups, lost productivity, and other mill uncertainties.

Role Of Automation In Spinning Is Rising
The potentials for leveraging smart automation tools to make textile production more efficient and seamless are endless. Material handling processes, in particular, are becoming increasingly automated. The usage of fully automated machinery (e.g. sewing and cutting tools) is becoming mainstream. Textile manufacturing has moved on from its traditional, labour-intensive tasks, with automation being extensively used for repetitive jobs. This, in turn, ensures better allocation of skilled manpower too.

Rising Popularity of Novel Textiles
The diversity in textile sector innovations is typified by the surge in popularity of ‘novel textiles’, which have components like antimicrobial elements, polymers, hydrophobic cotton, & more. As ‘alternative fibres’, these lightweight textiles can be easily handled & processed, and do not have any ill-effects on the environment either. Over the next few years, we are likely to witness these novel textiles being produced at scale.

Cutting-Edge Product Testing Processes
In order to ensure that textile & yarn products meet the desired quality standards, advanced testing methodologies – like test units, simulated environments and ‘intelligent’ machines – are being integrated. In addition, through automated testing, the entire manufacturing process is becoming more controlled and consistent. Quality issues, if any, are being detected at an early stage and resolved.

Nanotechnology, Material Pleating & More
Another noteworthy development related to textile manufacturing is the growing use of nanotechnology. Since this helps in preparing fabrics with special qualities (e.g., self-cleaning, fire-resistance, etc.), sustainable textile production is facilitated. With the advent of smart spinning machinery, the pleating process is also becoming automated. Laser printing is helping the textile industry move forward as well.

In addition to improving fabric quality and productivity, innovative technologies are playing a critical role in ensuring the sustainability of spinning operations, maintaining cost-efficiency & viability, and bolstering overall profitability. The role of robotics and automation in spinning has grown rapidly in the last few years, with the trend expected to further gain momentum in the foreseeable future. Technology is indeed spinning a new future for the textile industry, and it will be interesting to track how things continue to evolve.

Revolution In Electric Scooters In India From EV Sector

Revolution In Electric Scooters In India

Electric vehicles have a significant positive influence on reducing petrol/diesel use, simplifying energy access, developing a sustainable natural eco-system, and fueling India’s foreign exchange reserves, according to studies conducted by Amo Mobility Solutions. Electric four-wheelers are yet to gain a wider market in India with new products, but electric two-wheelers such as e-bikes and e-scooty have quickly invaded the Indian market and streets with remarkable success.

EV manufactures are also gearing up with product innovation and supply chain to meet the rising demand for electric scooters and electric bikes in India. The revolution in electric mobility is also assisted by government subsidies and the implementation of charging points across the country.

The electric vehicle business (includes e-bikes and electric scooty) in India, like the rest of the automotive sector, languished during 2020, with sales of less than 26,000 units in the Covid19-affected year. Despite the second wave of Covid-19 hitting heavily on the auto sector, little less than 30,000 units were sold in the first six months of 2021, indicating the segment has begun to return healthier.

So, if you are want to buy Electric Scooty in India, things will largely fall in your favor as you can not only save the environment but also be able to save money on fuel consumption.

Buying The Best Scooty In India 2021 – What You Need To Know

Buying a new scooty in India was quite a complex affair one or two years ago while if you consider buying the best battery bikes in India 2021, things are largely easier than before. For millions of commuters across India, purchasing an electric scooter is an excellent alternative. While selecting the top scooty in India for your trip in metropolitan areas, there are a few points to consider. In India, everyone has a general concept of what features they want in their electric scooters. Affordability, range, battery power, and additional features and luxuries may all vary.

Note: While buying electric scooters in India, you should also check the customer service and maintenance parameters. Amo Mobility Solutions is a well-known brand that offers top-class customer service for electric scooty in India, especially in Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Uttarakhand.

4 Vital Points To Remember While Buying New Scooty In India

Comfort And Style
Every ride becomes a pleasure when you ride a fashionable electric scooter that catches the eye as you pass by. You require an e-scooter with capabilities that are up to date in order to stay up with your modern environment. Electric scooter in Indiawith plenty of legroom and stylish graphics are becoming increasingly popular, attracting lots of young commuters.

Given the complicated and congested nature of urban roadways in India, electric scooters must provide ease, safety, and stability.

When determining your cost for an electric scooter, keep in mind that the cost of an e-scooty in India is determined by a number of factors. The cost of a new scooty in India varies depending on the type of energy system deployed. Lead-acid batteries to power EVs are the cheapest source of energy while Li-ion batteries may perform better but they are expensive.

When compared to fossil fuel vehicles, electric scooters save an additional Rs. 3,000-5,000 per month approximately. Amo Mobility Solutions offers inexpensive and reliable electric scooters with VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead-Acid) batteries that save money while giving a top-notch performance.

Technical Superiority
Technical superiority is based on many factors that comprehensively define the true nature of the scooty. It will include the power or torque of the electric scooter, battery quality and life, lights, brakes, etc.

If you are living near a relatively flat valley or surface, you can go with an electric scooter that offers torque or power of a minimum of 200-250 watts. If you are living in hilly areas, you may need a higher power to push the wheels over steep slopes.

While best batteries may last up to 4-5 years and you can get a warranty on the same too while buying a new scooty in India. Generally, good batteries take less than 3 hours to charge while providing a range or mileage of 75 to 100+ kms on Indian roads.

Then you have the brakes and lights of the scooty. Usually, brakes may comprise both disk and drum while expensive ones may include disk brakes on both wheels. You should have sufficient lights for the scooters to drive comfortably at night and LED lights are usually the top choice for this purpose.

Speed And Range
An ideal and new scooty in India has enough punch in it to smoothly give you the range you need to commute throughout the day and night. If you are a field sales employee, you can comfortably travel from town to town in a 30-40 km radius with a full charge.

To generate efficiency and save more money, the top scooty in India from Amo Mobility Solutions offers a speed of little less than 25 kmph that can certainly help you commute through rush and urban congestion in Indian cities.

5 Vital procurement patterns to look out for in 2022

The universe of procurement has gone through colossal changes from recent years. It is presently time to take a gander at what 2022 has available. The New Year is by all accounts taking care of business. The procurement patterns which were at that point began in 2018 or before and are supposed to acquire development in the approaching year. Here is the rundown of top 7 procurement drifts that we really want to watch out in 2022 -

Procurement pattern 1-Having a ‘computerized system’ set up
For a really long time, the ascent of computerized advancements and its positive effect on procurement has been projected as a procurement pattern. In 2018, we saw associations at last moving to adjust to mental procurement advancements like Huge Information Analytics, AI, Regular Language Handling, Man-made consciousness, and Mechanical Cycle Mechanization Opportunity Assessment. The year 2022 will additionally upgrade the use of these advancements. From computerizing excess procurement undertakings to enabling C-Suite in direction, from better market perceivability through item advancement to expanded productivity, the advantages of advanced innovations are huge. According to a Hackett report, which studied 180 huge organizations, just 32% of leaders have carried out a computerized methodology. This is an unmistakable difference to the way that almost 85% of them accept that computerized change will on a very basic level significantly have an impact on the manner in which they convey services throughout the following 3-5 years. However associations understand the significance of advanced procurement, the subject of great importance is ‘Have they been running after it in the correct heading?’ Consequently, to understand the most extreme worth, associations need to take the jump from manual to computerized change with an appropriate technique set up. They need to put resources into the right framework, cycles, and assets with a dream that lines up with the association’s targets in the long haul.

Procurement pattern 2 – Building ability pool to embrace advanced advances

The procurement work needs to move from conveying cost reserve funds to giving a strategic advantage to the association. To fabricate an all encompassing inventory network and to drive venture wide expense decreases, procurement needs to use the greatest worth out of computerized advancements. The Deloitte CPO Study 2018 shows that procurement chiefs stay reluctant to convey new advances like simulated intelligence, Mechanical Computerization, and Blockchain in their everyday work. According to the overview, 51% of the procurement chiefs accept that their groups don’t have adequate capacities to follow through on the advanced procurement procedure. Henceforth, in 2022, the associations, particularly the procurement capacities, will zero in on tracking down the right ability and simultaneously preparing the in-house assets through uncommonly planned preparing and expertise advancement programs. Procurement experts would have to secure the basic abilities to prevail in an advanced world and to stay pertinent on the lookout.

Procurement pattern 3 – Thinking providers past the cost
Joint effort with providers stays a basic methodology for such a long time. With trend setting innovation and the changing scene of provider management, the procurement work has shown the colossal extent of working on the relationship with providers. Presently, purchasers can’t bear to speak with providers directly over the cost. They need to include them in more strategic choices right at the underlying arranging stage. Providers subsequently become a necessary piece of any production network and can play a turn job in making/breaking the foundation of the procurement. In 2022, more centers would be given in further developing work cooperative energies with providers. Providers will have perceivability of the multitude of steps in the procurement cycle to help in getting the best valuing and lessening the gamble remainder. This straightforwardness won’t just help the providers to feel enabled yet will likewise advance solid contests between every one of the providers in the end helping the association. With the strengthening of Providers, it additionally becomes important to have a solid provider execution assessment plan set up.

Procurement pattern4 – Hazard management – Getting ready for the unforeseen
From Brexit to exchange wars (the US forcing duty sanctions on China) to fluctuating oil costs, significant world economies are consistently flourishing to be ready for the unforeseen. With these vulnerabilities, the procurement capacity would be at the front of an association for risk minimization. Procurement in 2022 should stay at the top with regards to limiting the store network costs. It will require getting development and innovation obstruction to save costs in any place essential.

Procurement pattern 5 – Expanding spotlight on indirect spending
Zero in on indirect spending has generally been on the radar of procurement work however as of late, an ever increasing number of associations are promptly investing amounts of energy to control it. Indirect spending or tail spending follows the 80/20 rule, i.e., it establishes 20% of the association spent and includes 80% of the providers. Because of the contribution of a huge provider base, processes under indirect spending need to follow a comprehensive administration cycle to stay away from spillages, different agreement terms, desk work, and managing a major piece of providers’ data. Tail Spend The entire interaction turns out to be awkward to the point that an association ultimately misses out on open doors, for example, dynamic limiting, spending plan exactness, and store network perceivability.

Should You Rent Or Buy A Surfboard?

It depends on a whole lot of factors, the most important of which is how often you are planning on going surfing.

Do you live close to the beach and is the weather great for surfing all year round or only for a couple of months in summer? If the weather is great for surfing only a few months in the year, are you planning on hitting the waves several times a week throughout the summer season? Is this only for the current year or is this something you plan on doing every summer?

If your plan is to surf just a couple of times in summer, you should look into renting. However, if you are planning on surfing more regularly, it’s much better to buy your own surfboard. Having your own surfboard can take your surfing experience to the next level. You know the feel of the board and are familiar with how it handles. This allows you to make the most of the waves for an absolutely spectacular time on the water.

Check out the range of surfboards and snow jackets at Hansensurf

Whether you’re looking for a surfboard or a snow jacket, Hansensurf is the best place to head to when you want to save money. This online store has a vast array of clothing, footwear and accessories for all water and snow related activities. Just for starters, they stock about 500 surfboards from word-renowned brands including their own label. They have surfboards for all levels of surfers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, you’re sure to find one that will suit you and your pocket.

Their range of snow jackets is no less impressive. You can browse through their collection and filter through the selection to find a snow jacket that is just perfect for you.

Save money on surfboards and snow jackets at Hansensurf

While their large variety of surf and snow gear is a pleasure to browse through, what really tips the scales in their favor is their highly competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for a snow jacket or a surfboard, you’ll find that Hansensurf offers some of the lowest prices as compared to many other online stores.

On top of their already low prices, Hansensurf also offers various discounts that drop the prices even lower. If this is your first time shopping at this online surf shop, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you get an additional 10% off your total purchase. When you buy high-ticket items such as a surfboard or a snow jacket, this 10% off can drop the price by a significant amount. Over and above all of this, you’ll also qualify for free shipping if your purchases is more than $50.

How is SEO helping the Ecommerce Industry?

SEO is an invaluable tool that can help any business, especially those in the eCommerce industry. SEO for ecommerce websites can be used to increase rankings on search engines like Google and Bing, generate traffic back to your site, and convert more visitors into customers. The benefits of having a strong SEO strategy are many and include increased visibility through higher rankings on search engines which leads to more organic traffic, better conversion rates with less paid advertising expenses, and increased customer loyalty by providing top-notch customer service.

These businesses are usually based on the sale of products or services over the internet, but do not have a physical store where customers can visit to make purchases in person. Ecommerce business owners that want their brand to be visible need strong SEO strategies in place for this purpose, and need to partner with a consultant who will provide them with effective eCommerce SEO services.

There are many benefits to having an SEO strategy, which is why more and more ecommerce entrepreneurs are starting to adopt them into their marketing plans. The increased traffic through organic rankings helps improve sales conversion rates, since you will generate more targeted visitors with relevant search queries who intend on making a purchase from your website instead of just visiting it out of curiosity like non-targeted visitors would do otherwise. Those companies without any form of SEO strategy may be left behind in this fast-paced industry, especially if their competitors are doing it right.

One of the most common SEO strategies used by ecommerce businesses is creating product pages with optimized titles, descriptions and images. These are important elements in getting your products ranked higher in search results since they have a direct impact on how well you rank for certain keywords, based on what’s being displayed to Google when crawling through these webpages. You can also include relevant keywords throughout the page that will help give context to potential visitors who use them during their research phase before actually making an online purchase from one of your competitors instead. If done correctly, this method alone should be enough to increase organic traffic considerably within a short period of time after having implemented it into your content marketing strategy properly.

SEO is the most important factor in the success of an ecommerce store.

SEO may be the factor that makes or breaks an ecommerce business. This is because of the sheer amount of competition there is online. There are many people who have products similar to yours, so it’s important that you have a way to stand out from your competitors and gain more organic traffic by attracting visitors with keywords that they may be using during their research phase before actually making an online purchase.

SEO for ecommerce businesses can help improve rankings on search engines through high-quality content generation, which will raise awareness of your brand name amongst consumers. This will increase conversion rates as well because once Google sees how engaged users are when visiting your website or landing page, this signals Google’s algorithm to rank you higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

The goal of SEO is to have your website rank higher on Google and other search engines. Ranking in top positions in search engine results pages can help an eCommerce business to thrive because the increase in traffic will also result in an increased revenue.

eCommerce SEO services and strategies used to assist ecommerce businesses to gain higher rankings on search engine include:

Optimizing website URLs and creating high quality content to be indexed by search engines.
Using keywords in product titles, descriptions and metadata tags on your ecommerce site to help with SEO efforts. This is what comes up when people look for products that you sell via a Google Search. Users will click the link from the SERPs if they are interested in buying it through your online store or not.
Ensuring consumers have an excellent mobile experience as more customers shop using their smartphones for convenience purposes.

SEO is a process and it takes time, effort and patience to see results. If you need help with any of these things, there are many digital marketing agencies that offer services for both small businesses and large corporations. These agencies and consultants offer highly effective eCommerce strategies that can help you reach your goals in no time at all, since they are well versed in all areas concerning SEO for eCommerce websites.

Top 5 effective ways of improving your sales

Every brand wants to see itself number one in trending lists. But it is not going to happen without putting in any effort. So, put your efforts into the presentation style of the product. Because customers love to buy such products that are packed in fascinating packaging. Meanwhile, the elegant style of the boxes always comes out in the form of fascinating packaging designs. Interestingly, the appealing and elegant packaging look makes the display boxes cardboard commendable and increased the sale rate of your brand.

Commendable designs, elegant packaging, fascinating prints of the boxes must be the concern of your brand. Make sure that your product is appealing to buyers due to its outer presentation. Meanwhile, packaging companies will provide you with every possible style and size that your product need. That’s why grab the most suitable and sturdy packaging for your precious bath bomb products. So, here we discussed the most interesting ways that will help to boost up your product sale:

Packed your items in worthy packaging
To improve the sale rate of your brand, focus on the packaging. Hence, bring the sturdy packaging boxes for your fragile bath bombs. The bath bombs need highly protective packaging as they can easily dissolve with any liquid. So, make sure that the packaging of these items is sturdy and composed too to keep it fresh and in exact shape. The most reasonable and fascinating designs of the bath bombs are only capable due to the amazing packaging material.

Cardboard: The use of cardboard paper is to create mind-blowing designs of the boxes as it molds without any problem. So, people prefer this material as compared to other packaging papers.
Corrugated: The use of sustainable corrugated packaging is to store such products that are in bulk form. Because its e-fluted layers give it a very strong-headed look to protect such heavy items.
Kraft: The use of Kraft paper is to create the packaging for lightweight items.
So, make sure that your products are in safe packaging that will reach the product safely to the client’s doors. Above all three are eco-friendly, sustainable, and recyclable materials and create no harm during manufacturing the boxes. Hence, it releases no harmful chemicals to the surroundings too. So, make sure you can customize a description, logo, or any other information on this packaging. Hence, these papers are reasonable for your budget as well because you can recycle them again to customize another style of the boxes.

Versatile designs of the packaging increased your sale rate No one can deny the importance of the beautiful designs of the boxes. Because everybody attracts to such products that placed in fascinating designs of the boxes. So, do you want to increase your product sale? So why you are not opting for the best designs? Go for the most attractive and commendable designs of the boxes for bath bombs that enhance the value of your bath bomb products. The most attractive and lavish designs of the boxes are the reason for success. The attractive and appealing designs of the boxes are:
Gable boxes
Sleeve boxes
Front and reverse end tuck boxes
Boxes with sections
Window die-cut boxes
These are the most interesting designs that keep your brand value high and attain the customer’s attention. While customization makes sure that the design is appropriate according to your product size. So, minimize and maximize the dimensions and sizes of the boxes according to your product range. In this way, your product will remain safer and didn’t misplace from the exact place. The boxes with sections look special as it gives you the option to secure the maximum bath bombs in one box.

Prefer fascinating printing colors to attract the buyers
The appealing prints always attract onlookers. So, make sure that your products are packed in fascinating printed boxes. Nowadays, manufacturing companies used the latest machinery and equipment that create any magical color for your boxes. the most attractive and appealing printing techniques are:

Digital printing
3D/2D printing
One-color printing pattern
These printing techniques give a very refreshing look to your boxes. Every technique has its importance in creating the lavish look of the packaging. Meanwhile, the combination of CMYK and PMS is marvelous as it gives the most lavish color pattern. The same goes for digital printing because it gives a digital look to the box. So, make sure that every packaging must be fascinating for the buyers that increased the chances of your product sale.

Provide reasonable rates of your product to your clients The elegant packaging, fascinating designs, and eye-catching prints are not enough to increase your product sale. You can’t get success until or unless you provide reasonable rates about your products. Make sure that your packaging is perfect and rates are reasonable that anyone can afford. Your rates must be reasonable on the retail and wholesale system to increase your product sale.
That’s why provide reasonable rates of your bath bombs by providing them in lavish packaging of the Bath Bomb Display Boxes. The use of cardboard to protect the precious look of the bath bomb is appreciative. Because it can hold the bath bombs tightly and keep them fresh for the users. That’s why make sure that you are providing appropriate rates and discounts on special occasions to garb more buyers.

Customized the boxes with add/on features to enhance your brand value
That is another interesting feature that makes the boxes more appealing for the customers. Hence, boxes with customizing add/on features give a very different look. Thus, fragile products like bath bombs should be placed in bath bomb display boxes on your shelves to attract consumers. The most useable features are:

Silver/gold foiling
PVC sheet
Spot UV
Perforation, scoring/ gluing
These are the most attractive and mind-blowing features in customizing the most authentic look of the boxes. Present your boxes for bath bombs by availing of silver/gold foiling packaging and see the change in sale rates. So, make sure that your brand is different from other brands due to the appalling packaging designs and styles.

Kaftan Dress For Women : A New Era Of Dressing

A Kaftan dress can go from a Loungewear to Party Wear in a matter of seconds. What we need is some styling by which you can definitely impress your peers. From office going to work from home it gives you comfy feel.

You can style it with some gorgeous pair of earnings & some nude flats to make a style statement. Add some matching accessories and a pair of stylish pumps to dress up for a party.

The loose fuss-free yet stylish silhouette is a wardrobe must-have. As the tie dye garments are back in style & have been seen on many runways. A Kaftan comes in a variety of tones, lengths & styles from relaxing hues to lively designs.

For all the weekend getaways & at home days planned, Kaftan dress should be a part of your LookBook. The best aspect is that a Kaftan allows you to express yourself. it comes in a variety of designs and colors, from eccentric to subtle.

The loose yet fashionable silhouette is a must-have piece that is adaptable, easy, and breezy all at once. If you want to minimize it, add a set of delicate earrings and nude flats, or if you want to glam it up for an evening party, matching accessories and a square-shaped pair of heels are the way to go. If you don’t want your clothing to make you sleepy, this is your cue to invest in easy-going kaftan Dresses this season.

Lets Talk of Seasons & Kaftan Dress –
We can’t think of a better method to bring in those vibes than to showcase tie dye patterns like Shibori, Crumpling, diamond, lehriya & prints, Etc. The tie dye patterns are made with the fabric in a specific way. This is to achieve to the desired effect. This season, the Kaftan has unquestionably become a winner in everyone’s closet. It has not only become a staple for relaxing at home, but it has also found a home in the great outdoors. It easily transitions from loungewear to party wear. The easy-to-slip-into silhouette is no longer limited to at-home or beachwear. The easy-going number achieves the appropriate mix between edgy and simple now that our festivities are only shared with close friends and family. A Kaftan requires little effort; the one-piece dress is as light as a feather and understands how to make a statement.

Methods to Carry Kaftan Dress–
Shibori patterns is created by tying the thread on a horizontally folded piece of fabric and crumpling is accomplished by crushing the cloth into a ball-like structure and randomly tying it whereas the diamond effect is accomplished by folding the fabric into four folds & then typing it in the form of a cone. After all the typing is completed, the pieces are then dipped in dye & washed in cold water to remove any excess color.

Bollywood divas dressed in kaftans! From Kareena Kapoor’s off-duty Kaftan Dress Design to Alia Bhatt’s Shoot days Kaftan look, the stylish Kaftan Kurta or Kaftan Dress is their first choice.

Your Closet, without a doubt, is in desperate need of a makeover. You may play about with the Kaftans as much as u want, & it opens up a wide range of styles for all the seasons.

It may be worn in a variety of ways, and the style that best matches your personality is up to your desire and convenience.

For a shape with a smaller breast and tall height, a knee-length, sleeveless and high neck Kaftan is ideal. A low-cut, above-knee-length, capped-sleeved top, on the other hand, is excellent for a voluptuous physique with flabbier arms.

What To Expect When You Shop At An Online Surf Shop

These shopping sprees can be quite eventful as you strike up conversations about best timings for surf tides and other surf-related topics.

If there’s one thing that can be disappointing however, is the limited choices available. Local surf shops along the beach have limited space to stock items so they focus on surf clothing and accessories that sell fast. But what if you are looking for something slightly unusual – for example, Roxy women’s surfing clothing. It’s highly unlikely that you will find it easily at these stores. That’s where an online surf shop can be a wonderful place to shop at.

A sneak peek at online shopping at a surf shop

Browsing through an online surf shop is a surf lover’s paradise. These online stores stock everything you would want for a surf vacation. Looking for a surf board? You’ll find a mid-boggling range from some of the biggest brands around.

How about board shorts and wet suits. Yes, they have those too. And that too, not just one or two pieces. An online surf shop is sure to have several styles of board shorts and wet suits in various styles and sizes from several different brands. Whether you’re looking for full sleeves or sleeveless vests, wet suits or spring suits, you name it, you’ll find it here.

You can spend hours just browsing through all the stuff they have here.

How to choose your surfing apparel at an online surf shop

Online surf shops set up their digital store front for ease of shopping. All you need to do is use the filters to find what you want. You can filter by brand, style, color, price, or style. This can help you find the item you want in the style and color you want and at a price that suits your budget. If you’re looking for surf apparel from a particular brand, such as Roxy women’s surfing clothing, you can use the filters to search for the brand and then browse through their surf wear for women to find something in your size.

One tip when shopping at online surf shops

When comparing the prices at online surf shops, don’t just compare only the price of the items you want to purchase. Take a minute to calculate the other discounts and perks. These can add to your savings. For example, Hansensurf, a reputed online surf shop, offers 10% off on your first online purchase. In addition, they also offer free shipping on purchases above $50. Together, these can save you a significant amount on your shopping.

Top 10 reasons you should employ a digital agency rather than doing it yourself.

It does not matter what services we are talking about although there seems to be a preference to bring marketing in-house but employ commercial cleaning companies! Perhaps nobody in the office wants to clean the office kitchen but they all fancy visiting a marketing conference in Geneva on full expenses. Most companies questioned about why they chose to bring marketing in house say it is to keep costs down, to keep control or to provide work for existing staff members. Professionalism or quality does not seem to be high on the list of reasons.

There is no getting away from the fact that it’s nice to have an unlimited in-house resource for things like SEO, creative design and website development, but the reality Is that this is not an option for many companies who need to focus on their core business and don’t have the funds to splash out on this luxury.

Here are 10 reasons you should employ a digital marketing agency (or indeed any specialist business provider)rather than attempting to deliver It in-house .

1) Let the digital agency worry about staff recruitment. Employing, training, and retaining high calibre marketing staff is an expensive and time-consuming operation. Recruitment agency fees alone can run into £1,000’s Using a digital agency means it becomes their responsibility and hence problem to hire and fire staff and worry about recruitment costs.

2) Economies of scale means it can be more cost effective to employ a digital agency than sharing round a small number of digital tasks amongst the in-house team. A digital agency could be completing link building projects for 100’s of clients at once, meaning they are focus on one specific task at a time.

3) Feast or famine. Most businesses have seasonal ups and downs, either because of customer demand or the need to get work completed for media deadlines. Employing an agency enables them to increase and decrease the number of staff members working on your account to accommodate this.

4) Digital marketing is a digital agencies primary focus, whilst to a client company, it might be far down the list of priorities and not receiving the sustained attention it needs

5) Digital Agencies are continuously learning and will ensure that you follow best practices whenever possible. They attend regular events and conferences and the large agency set up means that internal sharing of knowledge benefits all clients.

6) Digital Agencies will provide a level of consistency of output that you cannot achieve internally. When your last blog article was 10 months ago, or your social posts are running out of ideas you need someone who has the tools, time and expertise to consistently produce and share information of value to your customer groups

7) Agencies will be “social” for you when you do not have the time or feel like it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. Each social network has its own rules and data-backed proof that different forms of messaging is required. This is not easy to maintain. If your company and brand need to be social, then you need our assistance.

8) Agencies are under the spotlight to provide a positive ROI on your marketing activities. Proving ROI on marketing activity is a big challenge and one of the areas that agencies endeavour to provide. If specific measurement of your ROI is what you require, engage with a digital agency and the results will speak for themselves, and if not, it will be as clear as day withing the reports.

9) Agencies will let you focus on your day job like dealing with your clients, dealing with internal staff issues, or fixing machinery. With the influx of apps, social media and do-it-yourself websites, everyone thinks they are a marketeer now! While many of us have become more adept at marketing in some way, unless it is how you make your living, concentrate on your day job, and leave the agency to focus on non-core activities such as your marketing.

10) Extra Parties! If you employ a digital marketing agency to support your marketing needs, that is at least one additional Christmas party you will be able to attend. And let us face it, an agency party is always a good party.

What Is Anise, And What Are The Anise-Flavoured Spirits You Can Find?

Craft spirits like craft gin have become quite popular in recent times because of their flavour, aroma and versatility. While not all craft spirits like Old Bakery Gin made in the UK, use anise as a botanical, there are many that do, due to its exquisitely unique flavour profile.

Why is Anise being used in Craft Spirits?

Anise is also known as Pimpinella anisum or sweet cumin, and is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae that gives it its distinct flavour. This same compound can be found in other botanicals such as fennel and star anise, which are also commonly used as ingredients in craft spirits to impart these flavours into the final product. These spices have been gaining popularity among distillers because they offer a high return on investment; consumers tend to recognize their familiar taste profiles and appreciate them.

Anise flavoured spirits are quite popular, especially Pernod and Ricard. Some examples of Anise-flavoured spirits include Firelit Spiced Rum, Old New Orleans Absinthe Supérieure, Ransom Old Tom Gin Liqueur with Star Anise & Fennel Seed Botanicals, as well as many others. Others you can find around the world are:

Ouzo from Greece – This is made by distilling tsipoura and flavoured with anise, fennel, coriander, clove, cinnamon, and star anise.
Sambuca from Italy is a sweet liqueur – Sambuca is one of the favoured anise flavoured beverages around the world, and is usually served with coffee beans. It is made using anise as well as elderflower.
Raki from Turkey – This is made with twice-distilled grapes and anise seed. While the base of the drink is grapes, sugar beets, molasses and figs are also added to its making.
Anisette Liqueur – Made using anise and grapes with added sugar, making it a very sweet tasting liqueur.
Pastis from France – A liqueur made using liquorice root and anise.
Absinthe, the dominant flavour of which is anise.
Aguardiente from Spain, Portugal & Columbia – This is made mainly using sugarcane.
Chinchon from Spain.
Mastiha from Greece.
Oghi from Armenia.
Mastika from Bulgaria – This beverage is similar to the Greek Ouzo.
Pastis is also being made in the United Kingdom, although keeping its roots around the Mediterranean. Pastis, Raki, Sambuca and Ouzo are some of the more popular anise flavoured spirits used around the world, and not only in their specific regions. These are ideally used in cocktails and mixes that enhance the flavour of the beverage and the anise and other spices and botanicals that have gone into their making.

Anise flavoured spirits are ideal for creating some great cocktails, especially for those who like some zest and spice in their drinks. The French Mule, the Marie Mojito and the Marie Julep are just some of the cocktails made using Anisette Liqueur, but there is so much more, with people creating new twists to old classics simply to be able to incorporate the highly aromatic anise flavoured craft gin and other spirits into it.

Anise seeds can also be used for medicinal purposes and are often found in cough syrups or remedies for indigestion. The medicinal use of anise includes relieving the flu, coughs and sore throats, as well as treating colic and indigestion. Other uses of anise for medical purposes are to ease symptoms of menopause, to induce labour and childbirth, as a diuretic, an expectorant, for menstrual problems or pains associated with menstruation. It is also known to be given to those suffering from depression and anxiety and stomach ulcers. Anise seed is also good for your breath. In fact, it has been used throughout history to freshen the mouth and even prevent tooth decay. It may stimulate saliva production which helps keep teeth clean and fight plaque formation.

In ancient Egypt and Babylonia it has been found that doctors had used Anise as a cure for anything and everything, thereby proving its potent medicinal values, and the aroma of anise is said to have given relief from headaches.